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1) The maximum sitting capacities of Main Auditorium, Rangaswar Hall and Cultural Hall are 564,225 and 150 including reserved seats   for Chavan Centre authorities. (Reserved seats – (10) Main Auditorium, (6) Rangaswar Hall, (4) Cultural Hall, (4) Runanubandha Hall.

2) The auditorium/Halls shall be used only for the following purposes:

(a) Cultural programs viz. dance, drama, music concerts and book launch

(b) Lectures, conferences, conventions and meetings

(c) Corporate meetings/programs

3) Use of the Pratishthan’s premises is subject to rules framed by the Pratishthan.

4) The booking is confirmed on full payment being made.


Refund Policy / Cancellation Policy

5) Chavan Centre reserves right to change the dates in case of Govt/ Chavan Centre’s programs with prior notice. In that case alternate date/time will be offered or the amount paid will be refunded.

6) In case of unilateral cancellation of the booking, only the amount of deposit will be refunded.

7) If rescheduled, an event organizer must inform at least 30 days before the prior booked date. The rescheduledate should be booked in the immediate 30 days to the prior schedule date of hire.

8) If any additional amount is due after the event, the applicable amount will be deducted from the security deposit.


Other Conditions

9) The organizer will obtain police permission prior to the performance of the event and will be responsible for maintenance of law and order, traffic control etc.

10) Organizers should designate their representative to liaise with the Colaba Police Station for security arrangement at the gate and in auditorium.

11) Responsibility of applicant for all legal obligations The applicant shall be solely responsible for;

a. Payment of all taxes including Municipal Theatre tax or any State and Central Government Tax levy on the performance.

b. According to the Bombay Municipal Corporation provisions of section 191 (E), Act (1) to (3), to the Theater, Cinema Hall, Ananda Bazar and other places of entertainment, where the citizen gets admission in the charge. Taxes are levied on the performance on each experiment or theater play. The owner of the entertainment program, or in-charge, has to fill the tax in advance before giving admission to any person.

c. Receipt of the theater tax paid in advance to the Mumbai Municipal Corporation, Theater Division. J. B Shah Market Bldg., Next to Masjid Station 4th Floor, Mumbai.

12) All persons/artists should be Indian Citizens.

13) When a foreign artiste is part of performing troupe an N.O.C. from the Under Secretary, Government of Maharashtra, Home Department, New Administrative Building, 9th Floor, Opp. Mantralaya, Mumbai, 400032 is mandatory. In such cases, artists must travel to India on Business Visa.

14) IPRS license obtained from The Indian Performing Right Society Ltd., 208 Golden Chambers, 2nd floor, New Andheri Link Road, Andheri (W), Mumbai, 400053, wherever applicable.

15) Necessary to submit the Censor Certificate from the Stage Performance Scrutiny Board Government of Maharashtra, 2nd Floor Thakercy House Shoorji Vallabhadas Road, Ballard Estate Mumbai – 400001

16) If prerecorded music is being played, necessary to submit the copy of PPL licenses. (Phonographic Performance Ltd)

17) DG Set – If a generator is being used, necessary to submit the copy of license – PWD (Office of the Electrical Inspector, I.E & L. Department)

18) Catering Facilities: Y. B. Chavan Center has a cafeteria operated by a catering contractor. Parties desiringcatering facilities should be made through our caterer. No outside food and drinks or catering are allowed in the hall. Menu, rates and services will be finalized in between the hirer and the catering contractor.

Contact Details: Manager of Central Caterer, Mr. Prem Mishra on Phone: 22822374, Mobile: 9821132752.

19) No party is allowed to handle the Auditorium Properties without the consent of the in-charge of the Auditorium. Nailing on the Stage, Podium/Dias etc. in and outer walls of the auditorium complex is strictly prohibited.

20) Posters, Banners, Publicity Material will be allowed to be displayed only at the specified place provided for in or outside the premises of the Auditorium.

21) No loudspeakers will be allowed in any part of the auditorium premises without the prior permission of the in charge.

22) DJ system is not allowed in any part of the Chavan Centre premises.

23) The damage, if any, made to the Auditorium fitting, fixtures, etc. during the course of use, the organizer will be responsible to make up such loss by making payment through NEFT/Cheque or from the security deposit as may be decided by the Management Authority.

24) The Chavan Centre will not be held responsible for losses/damages of the properties of the hiring organization used in the performance or kept in the auditorium premises.

25) No extra light or mikes or audio video equipment will be installed by the organizer without prior permission. Any other facility to be used other than that provided will require prior permission from the auditorium in- charge and charges may be levied on the same if extra electricity is involved in the use of that facility.

26) Designated spaces have been marked out for floral rangoli and floral decoration.

27) In view of the prevailing security environment during the event, organizers of the program are to nominate designated representative for identifying delegates and guests to ensure that only invited persons are allowed to attend the program.

28) Organizers are requested to avoid making noise inside and outside the meeting venues and strictly adhere to the time slot for which booking has been made.

29) Management will not be liable for any loss in case the hirer is unable to use auditorium due to failure of electricity, riot, strike, earthquake, an act of war or any other reason beyond the control of the management of the auditorium.

30) Entry to the auditorium shall be subject to security check.

31) Nothing will be allowed to be taken out of the auditorium without a gate pass issued by the competent authority of the auditorium.

32) Organizer will please ensure the number of dignitaries on the dais does not exceed 10

33) Parking Spaces on a First-Come, First-Served Basis.

34) No food or Drink is allowed inside the Auditorium or Halls. Tea /Coffee/Snacks can be served only in the specific area of the Chavan Centre.

35) Liquor/ Alcohol is not allowed to be served or consumed inside the Premises of Chavan Centre.

36) Smoking inside the premises of Chavan Centre is strictly prohibited.

37) All programs shall be conducted in an orderly manner for which the person/institution booking the auditorium shall be fully responsible.

38) In the event of any infringement of rule, the management of the auditorium shall have the right to withdraw all facilities provided for the program/event.

39) The Auditorium will be available for use between 10 AM to 11 PM. The hall will normally be available for shows/Rehearsal/setup from 10 AM onwards. However, extra usage for shows/Setup/Rehearsal before 10 AM or for Setup/Dismantling beyond 11 PM can be permitted with prior written consent of the management and on payment of applicable additional charges.

40) In case of camera-shooting facilities, organizers will have to make own arrangements for video cameras. The Prathisthan will, however, charge Rs. 750/- per camera/ per slot.

41) ChavanPrathisthan Provides podium, 2 tables, 10 chairs, 3 wire mikes free. Other Items like collar/cordless mikes, tables/chairs with frills etc., will entail extra charge with 9.00% CGST & 9.00% SGST on total Bill.

42) Chavan Centre will apply the light bill charges with 9.00% CGST & 9.00% SGST as per use: (PAR Light – 150/- per, SPOT light – 150/- per, Power pack – 300/- per etc.)

43) Slots allotted have fixed time, e.g. (i) 10-1 (ii) 3-6 (iii) 8-11. Any extra time, pre/post slot time, will entail Rental (Maintenance Charges), with 9.00% CGST & 9.00%SGST as follows:

Main Auditorium:
     Rs.10000/- per hour for the first two slots &
     Rs.20000/- per hour for the third slot plus
     Rs. 6000/- overtime for overnight staff.

     Rs. 6000/- per hour for the first two slots &
     Rs. 9000/- per hour for the third slot plus
     Rs. 6000/- overtime for overnight staff

Cultural Hall:
     Rs. 6000/- per hour for the first two slots &
     Rs. 9000/- per hour for the third slot plus
     Rs. 6000/- overtime for overnight staff

44) Extended Time for the program should not exceed 1 A.M.